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when u find someone else into the same really disgusting things as you



Always wanted to put Levi in leather pants 

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bang bang all over you


Never stop believing precious penguin boy


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(To be continued??)

Let me tell you how majmu always comes up with the best AUs. Last night I showed them a song I wanted to use in a drawing but didn’t know how and WITHOUT EVEN ASKING FOR IT I soon found myself crying over this (thanks for majmu for both writing this and the idea itself!)

'Marco is a shifter. He wants to stop the war raging between humanity and the titans, and he believes that he can do it by striking the core of the problem, titans. Somewhere outside the walls there is a place where there are more shifters. And Marco will find it.

The thing is, he’ll most likely die on this self-assigned mission. Double agenting without actually double agenting to either side can be lethal, you see.

He was going to fake his death in the next major attack and follow the attackers, but then Jean happened. He couldn’t just leave the most important person in his life like that.

So, a few days before the day they would choose their military factions, Marco pulled Jean aside with a grim expression.’

Bonus that I don’t know what to do with :


Well would you look at that, it’s the sketch that I struggled with for nearly half of the stream ´v`;; Thank you for being so patient with me!

Inspired by this post :D